Sunday, October 9, 2016

New Adventures, Family Update and Making Some Things Clear....

We are about to embark on a new family adventure and we want to take you along with us. (This is going to take us getting a little better with videos and editing! )

With all of the wild rides we have been on over the last few years, we want to make super clear to the world that we are doing great and super happy as a family! It's an odd thing to have to announce but with some of the warnings and threats our family has experienced because of the truth we were bringing forward and the knowledge we have about certain Hollywood situations, we need to  do this.

AND! we are really excited to be brainstorming and manifesting our next adventures which will hopefully involve and RV and destinations unknown.

So if you have any questions for us please let us know, let's connect and keep on creating new and wonderful things.

Plus...stay tuned for more info about our destined for Broadway play "The Domestics" )

oh, and enjoy Ayden demonstrating how to make the perfect salad with avocado!

With much love and Aloha!

onwards and upwards on our Odyssey Adventures!

xoxox....Becca, Tom and Ayden

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Heart of the Writer

When the storm passes, 
and the debris has settled, 
and the issue has risen no more,
the winds of time will buffet and reveal 
that which was buried and sealed.

It takes constant exertions to entomb the truth, where the deceiving pass, their efforts erode, to a rebirth, of what they sought, at a great expense to hide.

An offering to place in the Arts' Temple, 
ripped away, on the steps ascending, 
a sacred penning of visionary dreams, 
the world robbed by the vice of a few.

Perhaps researchers will rediscover, 
the spades of the guilty rusted,
the true author's name and details, 
placed by the thieves, confidently mocking.

In reemergence, may entice and show, 
fuel for the scholars, he wrote what he wrote, 
and in this far off time, the true message,
may finally give full flowered meaning.

That it will be seen through the authors' own eyes,
through that lens alone, may be focused and explained. 
The gift shared and transcended 
to a joyful gathering of new awakenings 
and possibilities forthcoming.

Long at rest, the author finds peace, his sole desire, 
an understanding and acknowledgement for work, 
his passion infused story, wept, laughed onto pages,
that humanity may blend their own.

                                                                       Tom Althouse

Monday, February 23, 2015

Everything Seriously Wrong With The Matrix + Author's Info Hidden

Closing In On Revealing The Truth

The Start Of The Documentary

In 2010, Tom Althouse went into a legal battle with one of the top film studios, Warner Bros.  

Tom Althouse’s script The Immortals was used to make the major blockbuster Matrix Trilogy. What started as a simple journey to regain the rights of a stolen screenplay has turned into the revelation of a conspiracy involving one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. What we are standing in front of now is information mapping a system that the studios use in order to basically take what they want.

This should have been a simple open and close case. Copyright infringement law rests on two major details. The first being access. Did the accused party have sufficient access to the works in question? (click here to see the direct access to WB) And secondly are similarities. Did the copied work carry the signature of the stolen material? (click here for full list of similarities) Now I just want to make a note that according to District Court 9, in cases where absolute access is proven, then less similarity needs to be shown because it is assumed that the work was taken from.

Therefore when you have absolute access, over 190 matching similarities and have your personal information hidden in the movies in question, but your case still goes horribly wrong just as the Althouse VS WB case, then we need to start looking at the details why.

Tom Althouse's personal information hidden right in the first Matrix. 
It's his name, fathers name, high school and birthday in the interrogation scene.

 And then in the Animatrix we found Tom Althouse again hidden in the movie.

It is a highly known fact in the industry that even having some semblance of a case produces settlement talks in order to save the trouble of a lengthy court battle. But this case is an example of what happens when you have indisputable overwhelming evidence that can roll heads. The reason why there was no settlement was because they knew they had an unwinnable case so they bought off Althouse’s attorney and smeared him in the media.

TMZ article that circulated worldwide
They used their own media to slander Althouse in the media.

From the start of the case there was a media blackout headed by their very own news source TMZ  which fed all the other news sources going worldwide. Their slanderous title calling Althouse "Just a Hack” set the tone of the campaign against an award winning writer, while at the same time they blocked all positive comments in favor of Althouse on their news sites. Not only that but the TMZ head of legal was also the head of legal against this case! They used their own news source to defame the true writer and shut out the media from the story.

If we would have been able to present this case to the courts justly, so many questions would have been answered.  Here we could go into the details of the meanings locked inside the film like how to balance the equation, what the true energy source was that was being harvested, the rule of the one world order and on and on.  The Wachowski’s were not writers. Therefore they didn’t know the layers to what they were stealing and instead they cut it up adding their kung fu and anime leaving the audiences confused and empty with an unraveled convoluted and unexplained story.
Linda Burrows. Not only legal council for TMZ but
also head of legal council for WB during the case.

The inspiration for The Immortals came from Tom Althouse’s real life experiences. (see article here) Not some comic book like the Wachowski’s are into.  This is the tip of the iceberg of a compelling story in its own right that is needing to be told.  That writers everywhere might benefit from this unfortunate tale of corruption and greed.  This is also a warning of the current condition of not only the film industry but our legal system as well.

The video above shows the insert of Tom Althouse's
personal information hidden in the first Matrix film

Life illuminating Art or Art illuminating life?

Was The Immortals more than just a great story?

Since the birth of The Immortals in 1992, Tom Althouse only in the last few years has even become aware of the huge impact and significance that lay hidden in the words and images of his screenplay.

The old adage of life imitating art or vice versa is brilliantly shinning through the example of Tom's
body of work that was written as an outlet for the annihilation and suffering poured upon him by the religious right in the early 90's.

A society based on the outline of Hitler Reich and now the Religious Reich.  A One World society.  Humans as pawns.  Manipulating faith for a self serving purpose.  Was this fantastical ideas that were just fiction stories?  In 1992-1993 yes!  This was a fictional expression of Tom's awakening into the inner workings of the Religious Right. But how is it now that in the last 10 years mountains of information has come forward revealing the truth in this very agenda!

For truth seekers out there, you can download that mountain of information through the open sources that we have available to us now.  We are fighting an uphill battle against the regime that holds the power of the media industry, the court systems and the power structure that holds the reigns of the finances.  But we are the true power.  Let's use our voice to speak out and break free for not only the writers but all creative minds that are propelled by their heart to create a better world.

original post date 1/21/15

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